Distribuidores de Outbraker - Akrovalis

Korean company applying aerospace technology since 1993 for the design and development of devices that enhance the safety and performance of bicycle hydraulic brake systems.

Outbraker Brake Power Booster

Device designed to increase braking power. It allows maintaining constant brake performance, extending the lifespan of the pads and preserving the same feel on the lever without the need for new bleedings, purges, or oil refills.

Outbraker ABS

First ABS system for bicycle hydraulic brakes. It has been designed to prevent accidents by avoiding front wheel lock, even in emergency braking situations.

Outbraker Brake Splitter

First braking distributor for bicycle hydraulic brakes, specifically designed for individuals with special needs and reduced mobility. Our device allows activating 2 brakes with a single lever, achieving optimal braking.

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