ECLIPSE Ultralight Inner Tube


The LIGHTEST and TOUGHEST inner tube on the market. Thanks to our premium TPU of the highest quality and our differential manufacturing processes, Eclipse is the ideal solution for cyclists seeking the best of both worlds – PERFORMANCE and DURABILITY.

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THE LIGHTEST ON THE MARKET. Every gram counts, and with Eclipse, you'll reduce the weight that matters most: That of your wheel ends

EXCELLENT AIR RETENTION. With Eclipse, forget about deformations and maintain consistent inflation pressure.

FASTER. Eclipse inner tubes contribute to optimizing rolling resistance.

SMALL AND COMPACT. The perfect spare! Eclipse inner tubes take up very little space, so you can carry them comfortably with you.

STRONGER AND MORE DURABLE. Our premium TPU and valves, along with our patented and differential manufacturing process, extend the lifespan of Eclipse inner tubes.

The Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is known for its durability, elasticity, lightness, impact resistance, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, and cut resistance.

Eclipse inner tubes are composed of premium TPU of the highest quality, providing excellent air retention while maintaining lightness. Moreover, being virgin material, it is 100% recyclable.

⚠️ ¡ADVERTENCIA! No inflar fuera del neumático a más de 0,7 BAR/10PSI.

Our patented manufacturing process ensures greater durability and comfort by minimizing the necessary seams for sealing.

The patented and exclusive joining technology (inner tube-valve) of Eclipse prevents deformations and the loss of inflation pressure throughout the life of the inner tube.

Eclipse inner tubes feature metal Presta/RVC valves (Removable Valve Core), thus enhancing the lightness and strength of the assembly.

Moreover, with the extenders that allow transitioning from a 40mm to 70mm valve, you can adapt it to your rim profile.

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