Tannus Armour 20" x (3,0" to 4,0") - Akrovalis

Armour 20″ x (3,0″ to 4,0″)

Anti-puncture semi-mousse that is inserted between the inner tube and the tire of folding fat bikes, providing a complete protection against punctures and side cuts.

It has been developed with the patented Aither technology, it is strong, lightweight, flexible and incredibly durable (+ 7.000km). It allows to ride at very low pressures, thus increasing grip, reducing vibrations and increasing overall performance.

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  • Protection against punctures and side cuts
  • Rim and Pinch Protection (SnakeBite Flats)
  • Better grip and traction
  • Higher vibration absorption
  • Minimizes rolling resistance, the best balance between speed and protection
  • Easy installation

Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 23,3 × 17,8 × 40,8 cm

Red, Red


360 g, 360 g

Talla tannus

20" x 3,0" to 4,0", 20" x 3,0" to 4,0"

Diámetro Tannus

20", 20"

Ancho interior de llanta tannus

50-80mm, 50-80mm


(75-100)-406, (75-100)-406


Folding Fat Bikes, Folding Fat Bikes

Armour size

20", 20"

Ancho interior de llanta armour

50-80mm, 50-80mm

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